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Interested in Lessons?

Call/Text: 970.581.0753

Lesson hours: M-F 4-9p & Sat/Sun 9a-2p


I give lessons out of an indoor facility called C-Side Sports Academy and I have pitching students from Western PA, Ohio, West Virginia, & Maryland.


  C-Side Sports Academy

11 Line Drive Lane

Washington, PA 15301


Please help me raise money for cancer charities! As a pediatric lung cancer survivor myself, I am very passionate about this! Click the link below to go to my Bonfire merchandise store. The proceeds of anything you buy go to CureSearch for Children's Cancer and Cancer Climber. Two great organizations, one that funds up and coming research specifically targeting pediatric cancer and one that raises funds to send cancer survivors and fighters to climb mountains and inspire HOPE!

Coach Cory Fastpitch Merchandise Store

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